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The STS CompleteSM program offered exclusively from Star*Tel SystemsSM allows you to fix your cost of operations and the Refresh ability to keep your systems upgraded to the newest current technology all with no service call charges. Your operations will be more productive allowing you to service your customers more efficiently.

  • STS CompleteSM fixes your cost for five full years allowing for the Refresh of your system's equipment after the second year. If you do not take advantage of the Refresh option during the first five years, you can replace the equipment with a system. This will allow you to take advantage of the latest applications and integration options, many times at no change in your monthly payment.

  • STS CompleteSM gives you a fixed cost for service, adds, moves, and changes for the duration of the program. No other vendor can tell you what you will spend over the next five years to service your systems; Star*Tel SystemsSM can!

  • STS CompleteSM creates a partnership between you and Star*Tel SystemsSM. We have created a position in our company called a Customer Advocate. This person's responsibility is to act on your behalf, keeping you informed about new applications, features, and products that can increase your ability to service your customers better. Your STS Customer Advocate will contact you periodically asking for phone bills and other information to check for billing errors and to verify you are receiving the services for which you are paying. This position is our commitment to provide you with superior service as a client and partner.

  • STS CompleteSM includes an insurance coverage on your systems under the program for acts of Nature and other calamities with no deductible. Your business cannot survive without communications and related systems. If something happens, there is no need to waste time getting quotes together for the insurance company! A simple call to STS and a replacement part or entire system will be installed, no questions asked!

  • Take control of your operations systems allowing you more time to run your business rather than the systems running you and your staff. With STS CompleteSM, Star*Tel SystemsSM will get your systems up and keep them running at a fixed cost. You will have one less thing to worry about and can do what you do best, run your business and help your customers more efficiently.

  • Star*Tel SystemsSM has made the commitment to keep our clients on the cutting edge of technology by partnering with them to help them operate more efficiently with less hassle. The cost businesses incur to keep up with technology whether it is computer hardware, software, office machines, or cell phones are ever present and demanding. With STS CompleteSM you are making a solid investment in your organization to keep current with new technology and preserve your company's capital freeing it up so you can invest in your customers.

Some Benefits with STS Complete ℠

  • Priority queue to the "STS CompleteSM & Partnership Operations Center"
  • Priority dispatch on all service calls
  • Priority scheduling for adds, moves, and changes
  • Preferred service and replacement of defective equipment per factory recommendations
  • Backup and archiving of system databases where applicable
  • Annual preventative maintenance visit
  • Annual analysis of connectivity charges
  • Unlimited moves and changes excluding structured wiring
  • Waiver of charges for no trouble found carrier calls
  • Waiver of labor charges with software upgrades
  • Remote support service calls via telephone or emails during normal business hours
  • Waiver of labor charges when equipment is added or replaced
  • Remote programming changes during normal business hours
  • Unlimited training
  • Designation/key strips as needed
  • User guides available on line or upon request
  • Guarantee of "Inventory On Hand"
  • Labor on "Software only" upgrades
  • Discounted structured wiring and other system components
  • Local and long distance audits and recommendations upon request
  • Periodic replacement of handset and station cords
  • Service provider bill reconciliation
  • Quarterly technology webinars on advanced and emerging business applications

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