Star*Tel Systems, Inc. Disclaimer


Star*Tel Systems, Inc., (STS) presents Quote as a good faith estimate based upon the site and/or system considerations as represented by the Customer and Owner or Owners of legal record (if different), hereinafter referred to as the Customer. Price Quoted is for the project total due. Adjustments may be made only if substantial Scope of Work is changed, either deleted or added. STS standard installation practices are per manufacturer guidelines, codes (such as NEC, NFPA), or Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ). If any AHJ requires additional items not listed, the Customer agrees to pay for all such additional costs. All shipping and handling charges are the responsibility of the Customer/Owner unless otherwise stated. Unless stated, quote does not include, cost for design, man-lift(s), conduit, conduit installation, electrical circuit(s) as may be required, demolition/reconstruction, unforeseen or underground obstructions, or any other site conditions resulting in additional costs to complete the work as quoted. All additional costs shall be invoiced at STS standard rates to and paid by the Customer. STS shall not under any circumstances be responsible for any additional cost, any loss, or perceived loss by the Customer. Further, the Customer shall waive any rights to charge back or deduct from any payments due STS any fees or costs the Customer may have incurred whereby STS did not directly approve such fees or costs and was not in direct and complete control for incurring such costs. STS makes no claim, no guarantee, and shall not be responsible for any costs for the attempted elimination/reduction of Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) or for any wireless transmission device. All warranties shall be per Manufacturer published specifications.

STS shall retain any and all rights to installer level passwords (ILP) entered or used by STS to protect the integrity of STS programming in STS normal course of work. and ILP shall remain the sole property of STS. Changing any ILP shall only be completed after receipt of a written request by the Owner and before such work is scheduled, the Customer shall have paid ALL outstanding account balances and, including the minimum charge, but not limited to, $250 paid to STS in advance to effect such ILP change. Upon change of ILP(s) by STS and by such action, Customer releases STS of any and all liability for system(s) integrity, warranty, and any other service responsibilities.

Insurance Repairs / Replacement

STS shall not accept delays in payment due to insurance subrogation or any third party payments to the Customer nor shall STS be responsible for any Customer insurance policy deductible or other similar amounts or charges. All such damaged components become the property of STS as a core charge unless otherwise stated. Such core items are kept for seven (7) days from date of replacement and available for insurance company inspection. STS assumes no liability for the failure of any insurance entity failing to make any desired inspections within that time frame.

Warranty/repairs shall be governed under STS and/or manufacturer(s) normal service & warranty policies. Standard equipment warranties are one (1) year by the manufacturer from date of installation. STS labor is guaranteed for 30 days from date of installation unless otherwise stated. Future service, regardless of any existing warranty or service agreement, shall be denied without any liability on the part of STS until all past due balances are paid in full, including all late Fees. Any such suspension of service shall not result in any credit and/or extension of any applicable warranty and/or service agreements.


All service work shall be in addition to the quoted amount and Scope of Work stated herein, unless specifically stated otherwise or said equipment is covered under another pre-existing Encore Service Agreement. STS Complete Plan monthly payment and/or estimated monthly payment does not include applicable taxes.

Special Note

Due to the unstable world-wide prices of Copper, STS does not guarantee the price of any cabling materials unless specifically stated. Current prices in effect at the time of the installed product shall be the base for all such product invoicing.

Payment is of the Essence

Customer agrees to pay STS per the terms listed or per any previously agreed upon purchase arrangement. When any equipment has been installed and/or becomes operational, even in a limited way, and/or installation requires more than 30 days, all contractual payment balances shall be due and payable upon date of invoice, less a 10% retainer which is to be paid within 30 days of final completion. Customer agrees to pay all late charges for all overdue balances at the minimum rate of 2.0% per month. All invoices shall be due upon receipt. All equipment shall remain the property of STS until outstanding invoice amount(s) is/are paid in full. Until such time that all outstanding payments are made in full, STS, at its sole option, reserves the right to delay or cease work and Customer agrees to allow STS unannounced and unfettered access, whether remotely or on site, to amend system(s) programming to allow minimal operation without any liability to STS. Upon Customer default on payment(s), Customer shall additionally forfeit any previous payments, and shall without prior notification allow STS access to Customer's premises to retrieve equipment without any liability to STS, and no refund, in whole or part, shall be due the Customer.

Acceptance of quote by any means, written or oral, assignment and/or issuance of a purchase order by Customer, and/or authorizing or allowing STS to commence the ordering equipment and/or any related work shall constitute acceptance of all terms & conditions herein creating a contractual agreement. All agreement(s) shall be governed by the Laws in the State of Kentucky. Customer authorizes the governing legal authority to move the venue of any legal proceedings to a court in Barren County, Kentucky for any litigations instituted by either party. Customer agrees to pay any and all litigation and/or collection costs incurred by STS. Acceptance constitutes a legal material lien by STS on all equipment provided and/or installed until agreement paid in full. STS reserves any and all rights.

Wage Rates

Based upon information provided STS from the named Customer and/or the Owner/Agency/Contractor, all STS labor quoted is calculated at non-prevailing hourly wage rates. If for any reason, any governing agency determines and/or requires such labor to be paid at prevailing hourly wage rates above STS’s current existing payroll hourly rate schedules, the customer and/or the owner/agency/contractor for which the work has been quoted, shall be fully responsible for, any additional wages required to meet the prevailing wage rate for the project, including, but not limited to, applicable payroll taxes, etc. It is the sole responsibility of the Customer/Owner/Agency/Contractor to provide STS with the applicable labor wages required to perform the project. STS shall not under any circumstances be responsible for any such additional wages as the result of information, misinformation, or payment policies of any other parties.

Service Disclaimer

STS service is provided per specific request from Owner/Customer and/or his/her/their authorized representative(s). Allowing STS personnel to begin service constitutes complete acceptance and agreement with the standard service practices and payment terms of STS.

Programming labor services are guaranteed for 30 days from the date of the actual programming changes provided STS is allowed to password protect the changes, otherwise, STS shall not be liable for programming errors, failures, or other non-retention of programming changes. In addition, STS shall not be liable for an loss of programming due to, but not including, battery backup failures, CPU failures, etc. Programming changes are not covered during the 30 days when such failure to retain change(s) is(are) due to failure of equipment and/or component(s) not covered under any specific manufacturer’s warranty and/or STS service plan, and/or due to user or other 3rd party changes.

PAYMENT IS DUE AND PAYABLE UPON COMPLETION of or SUBSTANTIAL COMPLETION OF PROJECT WORK and/or SERVICE ORDER, which ever is the specific case regarding the service requested scope of work. In the event of a partial invoice, balance shall be due upon final completion.

NON-PAYMENT SHALL CONSTITUTE GROUNDS FOR MECHANICS LIEN ON CUSTOMER OWNED PROPERTY as applicable under the Laws of the State of Kentucky and/or any other legal jurisdiction having such authority.

Details of STS's SERVICE ORDER DISCLAIMER and/or related STS POLICIES may be viewed at or by calling STS at 270.651.5597.


NOTICE to ALL NON-STS COMPLETE or STS PARTNER ACCOUNTS: All labor and materials shall be invoiced at STS's current rates per STS's standard policies and procedures.

If you would like information on our EXCLUSIVE STS COMPLETE or STS PARTNER Plans, virtually eliminating MAC (Moves, Adds, Changes) billing fees, contact our STS Sales Dept. for details or email Some restrictions apply.

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