Web Conferencing & Collaboration Web Conferencing and Desktop Sharing with MXmeeting

MXmeeting™ is a web-conferencing platform that fully integrates with Zultys’ ZAC or MXIE Unified Communications clients. You can launch a multi-party web or video conference with the touch of a button from your Mac or PC.

MXmeeting integrates into your network and allows attendees to join a collaborative web conference without even having special software installed on their computer. Click to start an interactive Web-Conference, seminar or remote desktop support with real-time webcam video. Available as a single-purchase on-premises solution or as a hosted offering with a monthly payment plan.


Delivering a truly integrated web conferencing solution with real bottom-line benefits.

  • Web conferencing for sales presentations, product demos, interactive collaboration and more
  • Webcam server – up to 30 webcams can join in for live video interactive presentations
  • Webinars – Webinars are easy for ‘view only attendees’ with no client or agent to install. Totally platform and browser independent
  • Remote support: remotely access and troubleshoot anyone’s PC by emailing them a URL
  • Remote Access: Remotely access your own PC from anywhere, without the worry of firewalls or static IP addresses
  • Remote print: issue a print command to instruct a local document to be printed at 1 or all of the participants remotely
  • Webinar Polling
  • File Upload: Upload files to 1 or all participants with no worry of extension or file size. No longer are you limited by a file size or slowed down by Email
Capacity Range for Premise Product
MXmeeting Appliance Included Capacity Maximum Capacity
MXmeeting M200 2 Rooms, 10 Users 4 Rooms, 20 Users
MXmeeting M500 5 Rooms, 20 Users 20 Rooms, 100 Users
General Bandwidth requirements: 50kbps-160kbps per standard presentation slide per MXmeeting web conference session attendee.

Easy to Configure and Even Easier to Use

MXmeeting is a web-based conference device that offers a full array of sophisticated features for a surprisingly low investment. MXmeeting allows you to:

  • Conduct web conferencing with participants anywhere in the world at a moment’s notice via the Internet
  • Set up an audio conference session in seconds without distributing a bridge number to your invitees or having to dial into a new phone number each time
  • Provide sales presentations and product demos via screen share sessions with one or multiple customers
  • Meet and collaborate worldwide
  • Offer training or e-learning for employees or clients
  • Deliver remote support in real-time
  • Take control of a remote computer with one click of the mouse from your client interface
  • Enhance IT efficiency through the ability to transfer files and reboot remote computers
  • Provide remote access and maintenance to customers
  • Access office or home computers remotely without cumbersome applications
  • Conduct web seminars as an alternative to the cost and stress of travel
  • Easy file transfer so you can send working files and presentations to participants in real-time

Discover MXmeeting

MXmeeting delivers unmatched return on investment by equipping clients with the collaboration tools they need today. The ability to connect with multiple remote workers, screen-share during projects, and provide real-time online support for customers transforms MXmeeting into one of an enterprise’s most valuable assets.

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