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First, we at STS want each of our Clients to know STS was in contact with the carriers and SCRTC almost constantly during this ordeal until resolution. The problem was due to a carrier connection in northern KY. We know that sounds a bit weird, however, call routing isn’t what it used to be. We and SCRTC worked around the issue pending that carrier getting issue resolved. Our understanding was it actually got finally repaired late last evening after around 5:00 PM or so. STS send SCRTC notice this morning to change any temporary work around programming back to normal operations.

We at STS and Zultys want to assure you, 1), the issue was NOT due to STS/Zultys system, programming, or hardware (where applicable), 2) STS was in constant touch with parties affected and SCRTC service personnel to keep abreast of the situation, and, 3) although this was an anomaly that neither STS or SCRTC had control of affecting many customers in our service areas, both of us made every effort to remedy and maintain contact with the repair centers of the carriers.

To that end, our efforts are not ended. We are investigating additional possible solutions that may be or become available for such instances, however, it should be understood such anomalies are rare and most times automatically re-routed by carriers.

Again, we sincerely apologize for the circumstances and wanted you to know STS was also limitedly affected. Although some issues were only limited, it was an ordeal that took longer than expected and normal for carrier issues resolution.

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